Flat slate fiber-cement sheets are natural products, made of natural raw materials and comply with European standards.
Can be used on roofs and facade finishes.
The basic colors used are: red, green, brown, anthracite and gray.

The CASCADA roof is made of flat rectangular fiber-cement sheets in a double position. Recommended for roofs with a slope greater than 38 °

roof is made of rhombic fiber cement flat sheet.


  • pleasant appearance due to the diversity of shapes and colors
  • harmoniously blends modern technology with tradition
  • light weight, easy to handle and assemble
  • incombustible material
  • does not disturb the transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves
  • they cancel the rain noise and they do not charge electrostatically
  • high resistance to frost - thawing
  • low costs for the roof mounting structure
  • does not decompose, does not emit toxic gases
  • high flexibility
  • high durability determined by the mineral constituents
  • IMPORTANTthe possibility of recycling, at the manufacturer's premises, the cut parts resulting from the assembly works

Technical specifications

  • Size * (600;400) X 300 mm
  • Thickness g = 6 mm
  • Apparent density min 1550 kg / m³
  • Good waterproofing bună
  • Bending strength min 18 Mpa
  • Heat transfer coefficient λ = 0,5 W / mK
  • Specific gravity ≈ 11 kg /mp placă
  • * other size can be made on request


Flat roof tiles can be delivered in a standard natural gray color, colored in the structure or film-coated with paint.

Packing method

Palletized and wrapped 600 pieces / pallet, the weight of a pallet being about 1200 kg

Standard colors

FIB 3020

FIB 6005

FIB 6009

FIB 7016

FIB 7035

FIB 9005

FIB 9016

FIB 9006